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Domino Train

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Domino Train

“So much fun!! We bought this as a gift for our nephew and he absolutely loved it! He played with it nonstop for HOURS. Very cute train, very nice and sturdy for kids to play with. We recommend it as it gives the adults in the house some time to rest while watching the little one play like crazy.”

 - Pepita
 Verified Buyer


Children’s attention spans seem to be getting shorter all the time, making it increasingly difficult to keep them entertained throughout the day. Kids get bored with most toys in a matter of hours or days, and will stop playing with them as if they no longer exist. It’s incredibly exhausting and frustrating to continually purchase new toys, hoping they’ll hold a child’s attention for more than a week.

The GoDomino™ Train is the opposite of boring - it’s fun, interestingengaging and is known to keep children occupied for HOURS! Load the dominoes into the dispenser, steer the train to make fun domino patterns, then knock them all down and load the train up again. This highly interactive toy doesn’t get boring and is fun for hours, keeping children engaged and entertained!


 STEER THE TRAIN:  Children can steer the GoDomino™ Train as it goes by twisting the smokestack knob on the front, laying dominoes in whatever path they like. Enjoy the  satisfaction of seeing a child highly interested and engaged in a fun indoor activity!

 EASY SET UP:  Loading the dominoes into the dispenser and inserting it into the train is easy enough for many children to do. The GoDomino™ Train gives children a sense of autonomy, while giving parents a break from providing the entertainment.


 60 DOMINOES:  The GoDomino™ Train comes with 60 high quality dominoes of various colors that easily fit into the domino dispenser. Children are entertained for hours with the ability to create long, curvy routes with all the dominoes.

 DURABLE PLASTIC:  The GoDomino™ Train is made of strong and durable ABS plastic that’s made for playtime. Feel confident this toy can withstand the rigor of hours of play, while working just like new the whole time!

 SAFE FOR CHILDREN:  Made from non-toxic and tasteless plastic, The GoDomino™ Train and the dominoes are 100% kid safe. Relax knowing that children will be safe playing with this toy day after day.

 PERFECT DOMINOES:  The GoDomino™ Train's mechanical feeder sets the dominoes down perfectly every time, much better than a person could by hand. Little ones will have tons of fun without having to carefully set the dominoes up each time!



  1. Insert 2 AA batteries into the GoDomino™ Train (not included)
  2. Load the dominoes into the domino cartridge
  3. Insert the cartridge into the top of the train
  4. Press the power button to start the train
  5. Steer the train by turning the smoke stack
  6. Knock the dominoes down and enjoy setting them up again!

We understand how difficult it is to keep children occupied for any significant amount of time in this age of short attention spans. It can be discouraging as kids continually see the “next best” toy they think they’ll love forever, only to be bored with it in a matter of hours or days. In a new survey, 20% of parents reported that their child loses interest in a new toy after just 11 hours of play.

Designed to be creative, interactive and engaging, the GoDomino™ Train entertains for hours, day after day, and almost never gets boring! Laying dominoes down in creative patterns, this train is fun to operate, interesting to watch, and everyone loves knocking over dominoes! Enjoy a little down time while this train keeps children focused and entertained for several hours, giving parents a break from being the entertainment themselves. 


Material:  ABS Plastic
Batteries:  2 AA (not included)


1X GoDomino™ Train
1X Domino Cartridge
60X Assorted Dominoes
1X Small Plastic Tree
1X Owner’s Manual

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